Nixie's desire is to captivate and inspire. 
Through their music, art breathes. 
Defining a niche of electronic music; 
edgy yet melodic, Synth Witch Rock.

The band is currently based in Vancouver BC, writing, playing local shows, and promoting their upcoming EP, the Aeon, coming Summer 2019. 

Vocals, Synth / Shauna Lauren
Bass / Kerri Bremner
Drums / Sarah Pea





Together these three women have played over 200 shows across Western Canada, with their early summers anchored around performances at Shambhala Music Festival. Their first full-length studio album, produced and recorded with Garth Futcher in Vancouver BC, was released in 2011 when the group was a four piece. 

Along the way, folks like Bobby Herron of BC Musician have described Nixie as "women whose fearless sense of adventure in the world of indie rock has brought them to a place where they can make a record that people want to talk about." 

He also noted that Nixie is "not afraid to invent their own musical approach to a scene that seems dominated by young-men-with-clever- lyrics. They don’t mind telling you things without sugar coating. They have an expressive, stylistically strong vocalist. The drummer is solid and instinctively locked into the pocket".

This review was posted in October 2012; Nixie have been evolving their sound ever since and are pleased to be sharing that evolution with you today. 

Bobby Herron - BC Musician Magazine


The Aeon

by Nixie